| Illustrations of Egyptian Theatre: The Golden Age
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Illustrations of Egyptian Theatre: The Golden Age

Illustrations of Egyptian Theatre: The Golden Age

A modern depiction for  the most famous plays of the Golden Age of the Egyptian Theater.

An amazing talented Egyptian art director Haitham Mohamed made a modern twist to some of the funniest retro plays of all the 20th century.

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The talented Haytham Mohamed made an illustration of the Egyptian theater, the illustration showed the setting of these plays but with a modern twist, no doubt that these remarkable plays means a lot to each and every person, no one in Egypt loves them or at least one of them.
We all enjoyed watching them over and over without getting board every time you watch them you will laugh like it’s your first time to see them. In each play there was a message to everyone presented in a funny decent way.
Haytham used only Adobe Illustrator

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