Ensuring the new Thiptara offered guests authenticity meant a complete redefinition of the brand. Thiptara’s brand story pays homage to the vibrant cultural heritage of Thailand. It embraces the country’s traditions, artistry, and values, offering guests an authentic glimpse into the heart and soul of Thai cuisine.

Water has an important part to play in Thai culture and traditions. The logo is inspired by the restaurant’s name (spirit of the water) and location, seamlessly combining these elements with visual influences and references from Thailand. We played with the letterforms to introduce waves and curves that represent the many rivers and lakes that can be found throughout the country.


The new Thiptara identity utilises traditional illustrations from Thai culture. Scenes of stories and history, referencing myths and legends. For the menu we created a layered system that mixes the various elements together inspired by the layers found throughout Thailand.


Thiptara is full of natural materials and colours inspired by the country. The palette takes the same approach, drawing inspiration from the sights and places that can be found all over. The colour palette is designed to work with and add highlights to the restaurant that feel rich and deep.


We added an extra link back to Thailand with a suffix that acts as a visual anchor as well as referencing that the food found within comes from the land of smiles. A subtle nod to those that know but ensures authenticity. We find beauty in the transcript inspired typography. A beautiful graphical element that we can utilize and allows us to have fun and spark conversations.

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