Introducing the Black Badge Ghost to the Middle East market as a lifestyle statement. Revealing the darkness, the mystery, and the elegance of the new Black Badge to create an experience that captures the car’s unrelenting force and finesse.
the box

Capturing the commanding presence, sleek silhouette, and bold detailing in the design philosophy, the box is a representation of the experience, and a token of appreciation to existing and potential owners of the Black Badge.

the monolith

The monolith is a mobile marketing and branding showcase with a built in screen, dedicated to the Black Badge experience. The purpose of this screen is to transform the audience into the Black Badge experience. Incorporating the signature Black Badge video or creating a new video inspired by the region.


We developed a 360-degree visual experience enlivened by motion and sounds which was aimed to transport the audience to a world of darkness, to a world of the Black Badge. This immersive and functional room can be moved anywhere and used for special events and activations.

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