In reimagining the brand identity of SAIB, our goal was to provide structure to the organization’s brand image and effectively communicate the company’s brand identity. We made sure to ground SAIB’s repositioning in its mission and vision of providing professional and truly enjoyable banking experiences for all.

The SAIB logo offers and portrays the core values of unity, trustworthiness, strength and stability. The logo is a beacon that reflects clean, geometric shapes creating an impression of growth, strength and modernity.


To evoke a sense of unity and coherence throughout the customer journey, the logo serves as the cornerstone of the design language for SAIB. We extrapolated design elements from this emblem to incorporate variety while maintaining the integrity of the brand symbols across touch points.


We reimagined SAIB’s physical spaces to reflect a modern and friendly experience in line with their company values. Our design philosophy embraces clean lines, open spaces, and a thoughtful arrangement of furniture and lighting, creating an ambiance that is both contemporary and inviting.